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After 25-years of producing splendid video programs for television networks and personal legacy biographies for exceptional, high-net-worth-families across the country, Jordan & Jordan Communications, Inc. will begin offering its highly praised personal videos to sports figures across the country. Emmy awarding WGN TV Chicago journalist, Robert Jordan, Ph.D., will begin offering his legendary personal skills to capture the lives and careers of sports figures who want to have their life stories preserved and protected by a professional storyteller – through Jordan’s new company, Video Family Biographies: Athletes’ Legacies.

Many wonderful athletes have short timespans during which they are actively pursuing a professional sports career. Once they retire, their videos, tapes and newspaper clips remain stacked in a corner or piled-up in a closet waiting for the day when they will organize their “highlight reels” into a usable compilation that they can show to their children (Usually that never happens). Jordan says he has heard the horror stories of athletes who intended to - but never took care of their videos and newspaper clips – only to lose them by accident. “I can’t tell you how many times I have heard of people losing their prized videos in fires or floods, Jordan said.”

Many of these athlete’s stories are ‘aching to be told’ because they contain the ups and downs and the breathtaking moments that represent a time in their lives during which they would have reached the pinnacle of their careers - that one shining moment he or she will never forget. There are also some dark moments in most of those stories that tell of overcoming injuries and insecurity, adversity, misfortune and plain old bad luck. That’s why they need an experienced competent journalist to help them preserve and protect their stories in a manner that will make them proud of their accomplishments for the rest of their lives.

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